Executive Board 

The Executive Board is responsible for all administrative matters and the management of the Institute.  We have the ambition to be among the leading FOSS institutes in Free and Open Source science and technology. With an open eye for developments in the world around us, we aim to be an internationally defining institution that pushes the frontiers of Free and Open Source science and technology and educates software engineers of the future who combine in-depth knowledge about technology with the skills to address challenges out in the world.

From our office at the former catholic monastery  "Zusters Franciscanessen van Oudenbosch", OpenSource Science runs their Free and Open Source online higher education.   

Ir. Erik Mols M.Sc B.Ed, CEO Chancellor

Erik has a background in both IT and Biology, as he holds an M.Sc. in Bio-informatics from the Wageningen University and a Bachelor of Education from "The Hogeschool Katholieke Leergangen".  Erik has taught software engineering, database technologies, data science and AI for about 20 years. As an entrepreneur Erik became involved in private Universities, developing IT curricula for multiple universities, which were very succesfull. While working for those private universities, Erik noticed that all those IT educations were very focused on proprietary software. His failure, then, to open these universities for FOSS technologies led to the search for another direction.  in December 2022. Erik became the CEO and Chancellor of OS-SCi, responsible for not only the program but also the daily business.  Linkedin Profile

Ing. Jeroen Baten, Co-Founder & Board Member

Jeroen Baten has been active in the field of Free and Open Source software since 1998. He is the author of 12 books on the subject, has written columns in several IT magazines, initiated two business clubs and one conference. He is to this day very passionate about open source software and speaks frequently about its cultural and technical challenges.

John Smith M.Sc, Dean USA

John is a 50-year-old Afro American man who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a degree in computer science. After graduation, he worked for several software companies before finding his passion in open source software development. He has since contributed to several open source projects, including Linux and Apache. John is a strong advocate of open source software and believes that it is the future of software development. He is also a mentor to many young software developers and has helped them get started in the field. In his free time, John enjoys playing basketball and reading books on software development.

Mary O'Sullivan M.Ed,  Dean Europe

Mary O'Sullivan, a native of Dublin, has devoted her life to the realm of education. Born and brought up in the vibrant capital of Ireland, she was drawn to the transformative power of education from an early age.

After earning her Master's degree in Education from Trinity College, Dublin, Mary embarked on a journey that would allow her to shape the minds of future generations. She began her career as a high school teacher, where her dynamic teaching style and passion for knowledge left a lasting impact on her students.

MS Devaki Sahasrabudhe, Dean Asia

As a results-oriented entrepreneur with 19 years of experience, she has successfully led various aspects in EdTech, Learning and Development, Sales Excellence, training, and education within intricate organizational frameworks. She has consistently demonstrated her ability to achieve tangible outcomes and instigate positive transformations. Her proficiency in crafting potent competency roadmaps underscores her commitment to elevating skills and capabilities across teams, fostering individual growth and performance enhancement.. 

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